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Статьи и вопросы по тегу "neuron"

Статьи и вопросы по тегу "neuron"

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  • 31.03.2020
Андрей Канарейкин
Андрей Канарейкин -2.72
Разработан метод Компьютерного Моделирования Высокой Детализации КМВД, который позволяет решать задачи моделирования динамических систем и механизмов любой сложности. С помощью этого метода построены работающие динамические модели различных механизмов.
Attention!  The text is translated from Russian into English by an unprofessional translator. Author: Kanareykin Andrey Area of interest: Modeling of complex dynamic systems, development of mechanisms of self-instruction. Publications: «Self-Learnin...

The author of the article has developed an original method of Computer Modeling of High Detail (CMHD), which allows solving the problems of modeling dynamic systems and mechanisms of any complexity. Using this method, working dynamic models of mechanisms are constructed that are involved in controlling the behavior of an autonomous robot, as well as circuitry solutions that allow answering questions of self-study. In addition, CMHD allows to solve tasks on creation of mechanisms of pattern recognition, decision making, training and many others.

The new modeling and control method relates to breakthrough technologies, which implements a parallel computing algorithm for each program cycle, which can significantly increase the efficiency of modeling processes and, through the use of a universal dynamic element (inkan), to monitor the processes under study in real time.